Antibody Engineering

Our proprietary protein engineering platform combines the concepts of genetic code expansion and bioorthogonal click chemistry. Introduction of our proprietary unnatural amino acids (UAAs) into our engineered antibodies enables site-specific payload conjugation on any position on the antibody, also for multiple sites. Utilizing the fastest biorthogonal click reaction to date, our technology allows for convenient and ultrafast labeling under antibody optimal conditions – even inside cells or patients, if necessary.

Functionalize, modify, refine and apply with click chemistry

The ultrafast and bioorthogonal click chemistry is the base of our antibody engineering. We are functionalizing drugs or radioisotopes with a tetrazine group. Our engineered antibodies are produced by utilizing genetic code expansion to install site-specifically an unnatural amino acid (UAA) into the antibody sequence at the translational level.

This technique enables us to produce UAA-antibodies with residue precise installation of the modification with a high batch to batch reproducibility. The modification on the antibody and the tetrazine moiety on the payload can undergo a click reaction, not only in vitro, but also for in vivo labeling this technique could be used.