Mission Antibodies

By partnering with VERAXA, pharma clients will get rare and otherwise difficult to find functional hits in much shorter times, thus significantly de-risking their entire preclinical development path.

Therapeutic functional antibodies that are needed for the specific modulation of pathologically dysregulated receptor-associated signaling are rare, difficult to find and belong to the most precious pharmaceutical agents with enormous market potentials.

VERAXA is the leading partner for the biopharmaceutical industry to screen, identify and engineer functional therapeutic antibodies for an accelerated and de-risked drug development process. The company’s proprietary and unique droplet-based microfluidic technology and its superior functional cellular assay systems allow for a direct assessment and screening for functional antibody hits in one single screening round. Thus, VERAXA directly unravels – like no other company – the full functional and therapeutic potential of entire immune systems even on complicated signal receptors like G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) in a very short time and at unmet efficiency.