Our Roots

Over many years game-changing technologies and instrumentation in the field of molecular biology have been developed at EMBL and successfully spun out to commercial enterprises.

Prior to foundation of VERAXA, the company’s technologies have been developed at EMBL from academic grounds up to international leadership, covered by extensive intellectual property rights. The hallmarks of developments and IP, that differentiate VERAXA from all other competitors are, amongst others:

  • Proprietary technology for measuring reporter cell signals, fully quantitatively in droplets in real time.
  • Unique technical pipeline and tailored assays for the fast identification of GPCR modulating antibodies, measuring transiently induced signal cascades for millions of antibodies only a few seconds after cell binding.
  • Unique and independently peer reviewed publications proving top of the field technical innovations, like the first ever integrated microfluidic chip for phenotypic cell screening, including sorting and fusion.

Under VERAXA Biotech, technologies focusing on advanced antibody development are combined to accelerate drug development:

  • High-throughput one-step identification of therapeutic functional antibodies using natural immune repertoires.
  • Engineering and site-specific coupling of almost any active molecule to antibodies and proteins.
  • The combination of both technologies enables VERAXA to explore approaches to precision medicine to bring drugs faster to patients with higher efficiency and lower risk.