Accelerating Your Antibody Drug Development

VERAXA combines game changing technologies to solve the most prominent challenges in antibody drug development.

VERAXA efficiently finds functional monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) – out of entire immune repertoires with several million B cells – in less than 48 hours. In contrast to most common approaches, we directly assess and quantify intracellular signal modulations induced by functional antibodies in one single analytical screening step under High Throughput Screening (HTS) conditions. Our proprietary microfluidic-based technology enables fully quantitative readouts for hundreds of B-cells per second with separation of all functional hits for sequencing and further development. VERAXA technology avoids cumbersome, diversity-reducing and error prone two-step processes in functional antibody identification.

Chemical labeling of antibodies with different payloads can sharpen the desired target drug profile. VERAXA has developed superior antibody labeling technologies that allow conjugation of any given antibody at almost every position with highest reproducibility and the fastest chemistry available today.

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Antibody Screening

Current strategies for the discovery of functional antibodies typically include two separate and consecutive steps. In the first screening step, a biased sub-pool of strongly binding antibodies is sorted out. In the second step, only this sub-pool is analyzed for function. As the desired antibody function is not directly correlating with binding strength, many of the rare functional and therapeutically precious antibodies are lost in the first screening step and are hence not available for future developments. Moreover, the serial processing of the two steps reduces diversity,increase the probability for errors, is time consuming and often results in false positives hits, not suitable for further use.

VERAXA has cut this Gordian Knot by replacing the common two-step approach with a single functional screening step, sorting out functional antibodies directly. We deliver with enormous speed and highest reliability all of the precious hits that do not only bind but exert the desired modulatory function on the receptor of interest.

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Antibody Engineering

Most prominent challenges in modern antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) and antibody-radionuclide conjugate (ARC) development represent labeling preciseness and accuracy, chemistry (synthesis and speed) and batch to batch reproducibility. Our protein engineering platform combines the concepts of genetic code expansion and bioorthogonal click chemistry.

Introduction of our proprietary unnatural amino acids (UAAs) into our engineered antibodies enables site-specific payload conjugation on any position and highly reproducible DAR value, also for multiple sites. Utilizing the fastest biorthogonal click reaction to date, our technology allows for convenient and ultrafast labeling under antibody optimal conditions – even inside cells or patients, if necessary.

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